The International Space Station is teeming with bacteria and fungi

Step 1: live on hairless primate.
Step 2: wait for said primate to go to space.
Step 3: PROFIT!

Sunlight kills indoor germs almost as well as UV rays

Pull the drapes and enjoy free home sanitation, courtesy of the sun.

What is antibiotic resistance: everything you need to know

Antibiotic resistance is threatening to undo a centuy’s worth of medical progress.

Physicists capture sneezing in slowmo, and this is actually important

Bless you!

How many germs you can find in your home: about 9,000 different species

After they analyzed dust samples collected from 1,200 US households, researchers at University of Colorado at Boulder identified over 9,000 different species of microbes, bacteria and fungus. The exact makeup depends on where the home is located, the gender of the people living inside and whether or not pets are present.

The ‘five seconds rule’ has been debunked

You just invested a lot of time, ingredients and love in that perfect sandwich, only for it land on the kitchen floor. Darn it! The 5 second rule immediately pops in your head and you confidently retrieve it, comforting your despair. A team of researchers at San Diego State University, however, has found that the germs do indeed attach themselves to edible items within that amount

Rubbings hands after washing increases bacteria count

According to a newly published study, it seems that rubbing your hands together in a hand dryer actually leaves them coated with more bacteria than immediately after washing. “When you rub your hands, you bring a lot of bacteria to the surface from the pores of your skin,” says Anna Snelling of the University of Bradford, UK. Snelling conducted the