Scientists treat first US patients with gene-edited cells

The powerful CRISPR is set to revolutionize medicine.

Chinese researchers insert human brain gene into monkeys, making them smarter

The international scientific community is shocked by yet another ethical scandal sparked by Chinese researchers.

Nanoparticles inject genes directly into the chloroplast of plants

It’s easier and more effective than other gene editing methods. What’s more, there’s no risk of transmitting altered genes to other species, such as weeds.

The rogue Chinese scientist who made the first gene-edited human babies could face death penalty

He Jiankui is currently confined to his home and under armed guard.

Photosynthesis genetic shortcut makes crops 40% more productive

This could be a game changer in the face of rising food demand.

China pulls the plug on rogue scientist who genetically modified twin human babies

The whole odd affair is unprecedented.

In a just a few years, scientists could domesticate the delicious ground cherry

They used CRISPR gene editing to take a shortcut around traditional plant domestication that can take up to thousands of years.

New CRISPR tools target RNA rather than DNA. They could fix ‘typos’ responsible for half of all genetic diseases

Scientists have sharpened CRISPR’s scalpel.

Scientists edit the first human embryos in the United States

It’s further than anyone has ever gone with gene editing in the United States.

DARPA awards $65 million to make CRISPR safer, more efficient

Money well spent!

It’s not fun and games with CRISPR: the technique can induce hundreds of unwanted mutations

Even with over 1000 unexpected mutations, the mice seemed healthy and normal.

Scientists tie antibody escorts on white blood cells’ access points to stop HIV dead in its tracks

It’s more effective than welding a slab of steel on the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port.

Swedish scientists plan to edit the genes of healthy human embryos, treading on thin ice

They plan to cut genes out until they learn which are involved in miscarriages.

Chinese scientists prepare for first human CRISPR gene-editing trial

The trial will alter T cells in an attempt to treat lung cancer patients.