It Is Possible Jupiter Could Support Life, Scientists Say

The chances of it happening are pretty slim though.

NASA cancels maneuver to get Juno closer to Jupiter due to faulty fuel valves — but that’s not bad news

Named after a capricious goddess, Juno lives up to her name.

Jupiter may have ousted a fifth gas giant out of the solar system 4 billion year ago

Our solar system likely had a fifth gas giant in its initial configuration, but the planet was ejected by Jupiter a new study suggests.

Biggest Planets Started out as Tiny Pebbles

Gas giants like Saturn or Jupiter may have formed not from a planetary core, but rather from tiny pebbles that stuck together. This theory would solveĀ one of the biggest problems about our understanding of planetary formation: the timeline. The previous model was called core accretion: you have a planetary core of rock and ice that starts to attract and keep

Closest rogue planet discovered is just 100 light-years away

Like in a scene from a Sci-fi novel, about 100 light years away, somewhere in the constellation Doradus, a planet is travelling around the galaxy by itself, without orbiting a parent star. This “rogue planet“, has a temperature of about 400C and a mass between 4 to 7 times that of Jupiter – close to the mass limit beyond which

Stars create gaps devoid of gas giants, supercomputer simulation shows – contradicted by our own solar system

Gas giants might just be the most whimsical planets of all: they don’t just settle at any old point on the orbit – instead, they only choose certain regions and stay clear of others – at least according to a new supercomputer simulation. A new study recently revealed that the orbital deserts and pile-ups caused by these preferences might actually

Astronomers unveil densest rocky planet: ‘super rocky exotic Earth’

The planet in case is 55 Cancri e, and it’s 60 per cent larger in diameter than Earth but eight times as massive, which makes it twice as dense as Earth, and almost as dense as lead. Earth like rocky planets   Generally speaking, planets come in two flavours: rocky earth-like planets, or gas giants (take Jupiter as an example).