The ‘forager gene’ of humans and fruit flies works in practically the same way

No time like mealtime.

Scientists image entire fly brain in ungodly detail

It’s a landmark achievement.

Scientists show how fat cells help heal wounds in fruit flies [VIDEO]

An exciting research catches fat cells migrating by themselves for the first time.

Scientists poke at the root of our need for personal space — using fruit flies

Dopamine seems to be the key.

Neuron cluster which can override sleep identified in the fruit fly brain

95% of students like this bundle of neurons.

Florida quarantines farmlands to contain the Oriental Fruit Fly

Florida’s farmlands are under attack by a highly destructive pest, the Oriental Fruit Fly, and authorities have quarantined some 85 square miles of land and the food grown there in an effort to contain the insect.

Flies feel fear too, but do they have other emotions as well?

Fruit flies experience fear, one of the primary emotions, according to a new research that suggests there’s much more to flies scattering about in the face of a swatter than a mere robotic reflex. But do the flies feel other emotions too? That’s an extremely difficult question to answer, since the researchers themselves aren’t even sure what they’ve been observing is genuine fear. It does, however, bear all the characteristics of fear. The findings are important since the show that other “lesser beings” that have a primitive nervous system like other insects or spiders might also experience fear, and possibly other emotions as well like happiness or sadness. Who knows, maybe love too?

Mere presence of opposite sex triggers premature aging in fruit flies and worms

Ever found yourself in a hazardous relationship in which your spouse makes your hair go white? Well, if the answer’s yes then you’re not alone. A new study provides new evidence that key aspects of the social environment of some animals significantly influence life span after researchers found that sexually frustrated fruit flies and “haunted” hermaphrodite nematodes died earlier than

New generation eco-friendly pesticide might work by shutting down insect reproductive system

Farmers, with the help of researchers in the field, have been desperately trying to develop new insecticides that can ward off pests looking to claim their crops. These products work with a varying degree of effectiveness. For one, the insect pests tend to develop tolerance and new solutions have to be developed, and of course there’s always the issue of

Fruit flies, and most likely other animals, have free will as well

We could go on about what free will is until dusk and still not reach a conclusion. Indeed, philosophers have been theorizing free will for thousands of years, but haven’t we neglected an important aspect? There seems to be a general consensus that free will is entirely a human trait, but what of other animals? An older study, published in