Signs of fracking water found in freshwater mussels

“Cleaned” fracking water is not that clean, and can do significant long-term damage.

The Economics of Fracking: Is Fracking Worth the Health and Environmental Risks?

Hydraulic is certainly a polarizing issue. It’s got some economic benefits, and causes a lot of environmental damage. Is it worth it?

Fracking linked to low-weight, less healthy babies

Run for the hills! Or at least 2 miles away, as that seems to be the ‘danger radius’.

Hydraulic Fracking leaks much more often than we thought

These oil and gas wells spill pretty often to the surface, a new study found.

Europeans don’t believe climate change deniers and want governments to take action, huge poll reveals

The flag’s blue but we’re green through and through.

Fracking-only bacteria discovered in two separate wells hundreds of miles apart

Bacteria are creating whole new ecosystems in fracking wells.

Scientists examine over 1,000 chemicals from fracking fluids: many linked to reproductive or development toxicity

The indispensable chemical mixture that allows the industry to fracture rock and release the gas trapped inside looks almost like a black box. More than 1,000 chemicals are used in the fracking fluid, but a paper published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology found toxicity information was lacking for 76% of them. In other words, these could be harmless or dangerous. There’s no way to know at this point. Concerning the rest — about 240 substances — the researchers found evidence that suggests reproductive toxicity for 103 (43%), developmental toxicity for 95 (40%), and both for 41 (17%).

Texas family sues fracking company after water well exploded from leached methane

In the latest in a long string of lawsuits filled against fracking operations, a Texas family is claiming damages after the water well on their property exploded. The family’s ranch is located just 1000 yards away from two fracking drills, which likely leaked methane to the groundwater according to the lawyer representing the family. The explosion left Cody Murray, the 38-year-old husband of the family of four, with severe burns on his arms, upper back, neck, forehead and nose along with “significant neurological damage.” He is now permanently disfigured, disabled and cannot work. He is now asking the court for retribution.

Fracking banned in New York state over possible threats to public health

New York state officials have chosen to ban fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing after a two-year period of review where numerous ‘red flags’ were raised concerning public health. The decision was made recently  at a cabinet meeting in Albany. No fracking in New York For the past five years, the state had fracking under  moratorium, while 120 towns had

Natural gas does little to curb emissions and mitigate climate change

Given the shale boom, the United States has now become the world’s leading natural gas producer. Because it only releases 50% as much emissions for the same equivalent amount of energy produced by oil or coal, many have herald it as a cleaner source of fossil energy, whose widespread introduction might help mitigate global warming. A new study found that

US drinking water contaminated with gas because of faulty wells, but not fracking

Stanford researchers traced back methane leaks from contaminated drinking water in Pennsylvania and Texas to shale gas wells. However, they note that they did not find a link between the contamination and the technique used to drill for shale gas itself, called hydraulic fracturing or more commonly known as fracking. Instead, the researchers concluded that well integrity is the main

High level of arsenic contamination found in groundwater near fracking sites

Researchers at University of Texas at Arlington conducted tests on more than 100 water wells in Texas and found 30% of these contained ‘alarming’ amounts of arsenic, enough to be considered carcinogenic and seriously threatening human health. These contaminated wells were found in the vicinity of known fracking sites and prior to drilling these were found to be free of arsenic

One third of fracking chemicals are of unknown toxicity

A while ago I wrote about the disheartening status quo of energy today: frack now, ask questions later. In the article, I argue that there’s a disproportion between the amount of hydraulic fracturing (9 out of 10 wells in the US are fracking wells) and the number of research articles that discuss the bio impact of the practice in the

Frack now, ask questions later: bio impact of fracking still largely unknown

Since 2007, shale gas has boomed by 700% in the US and is projected to rise for the next 30 years. While there are states where well fields span across hundreds of hectares, you’d think that the effects of exploitation of this caliber are well researched and documented. In reality, the bio impact of fracking remains largely unknown.