Scared? Here’s how your brain decides whether you freeze, flee, or fight

The infamous three F’s.

The humble fly carries even more diseases than we thought, new study shows

Flies can do so much more than ruin your picnic, new research finds.

Scuba diving flies use bubbles to feed underwater

For most insects, going beneath the water surface would be suicide — but not for these flies!

Fossil Friday: Diptera brachycera in amber

Diptera are still alive and kickin’ today, and some of them are getting coated in amber as we speak! A nice reminder that fossils are still being formed for future paleontologists to uncover.

These futuristic flying pods could one day redefine transportation

Imagine if, instead of driving in the crowded traffic or taking the bus to work, you could just fly, above the street. That’s the idea behind skyTran, a self-driving monorail that hopes to revolutionize the way we think about transportation.

Amazing Time-lapse Shows A Fly Emerging From Its Pupa

It’s one of those videos that’s either mesmerizing, disgusting… or a bit of both. But no matter how you look at it, the video is quite interesting. It shows a fly emerging from its pupa: The pupa In the life of an insect the pupal stage follows the larval stage and precedes adulthood. It is the life stage of some

New technique sheds light on how snakes “fly”

It’s a well known fact that snakes can “fly”, gliding even more than 100 meters sometimes from branch to branch, but exactly how they are able to achieve such a remarkable feat has dazzled researchers for quite a while. A new study using an unprecedented filming, 3D modeling, real and fake snakes showed how snakes move and angle to obtain

Longest unmaned flight record broken

QinetiQ claims they have broken this record, by using a really light plane built of carbon fiber, powered by solar panels, nicknamed “Zephyr”. The aircraft stayed in the air for 83 hours and 37 minutes, which is more than twice the previous record. Zephyr also broke the previous record by approximately 54 hours, but that attempt remaine unofficial, which is