These fishes get sad when their partner is away — pointing to the roots of romantic love

Hear that? That’s the sound of an itsy-bitsy fishy heart breaking apart and it’s tragic.

Eating bad PUFAs may put you at risk of developing asthma — but fish contains the good PUFAs

I’m thrilled that PUFAs is an actual scientific term.

Warming oceans are depleting global fish stocks

As if overfishing wasn’t enough, fisheries are plummeting because of the effects of higher water temperature as a result of global warming.

A ‘virgin’ fish named Mary got pregnant without having sex

Could we be witnessing an evolutionary leap in action?

Ancient haute cuisine — Mesolithic people had caviar feast

It was a fishy affair.

Researchers find Jurassic piranha-like flesh-eating fish, and also spot their victims

The Jurassic had flesh-eating fish… of course it did.

Small Somalian cavefish hints at mammals’ nocturnal ancestor

Things start to change when you’ve been living in the dark for millions of years.

Tiny fish passes mirror test, might be self-aware

Not only would it be exciting to see self-awareness develop on the fish’s restrained ‘hardware’, but also to understand what that difference means in terms of how the fish experience self-awareness.

Roman fish salting workshops reveal two whale species lost from the Mediterranean

The discovery stands to change our understanding of the Roman fishing industry and the history of two endangered whale species.

Hawaii moves to ban common sunscreen mixes in a bid to safeguard its corals

Worry not — alternatives are readily available, so don’t cancel your vay-cay just yet.

Cyprian dolphins resort to chewing through fishing nets due to overfishing

We’re not giving them any other option.

Fish-like robot might reveal the secret life of ocean wildlife

Aquatic bots like SoFi will enable scientists to learn more about some of the most elusive underwater creatures.

10 of the Weirdest Prehistoric Creatures

Eons ago, many millennia before written history, bizarre animals roamed the Earth.

NASA algorithm and citizen scientists allow biologists to track whale sharks

The research could help us better understand and protect these gentle giants.

Do fish have feelings? Intriguing new study suggests so

Not only do fish have feelings, but this ability might have evolved hundreds of millions of years ago.

Some sharks and rays live twice as long as we thought

The implications could be important for fish stock estimates.

Fish can have individual personalities too, new study says

Some Trinidadian guppies are far braver than others.

Appetite of Amazonian cities impact wildlife up to 1,000 km away

Lots of mouths to feed.

Bamboo sharks really have to put their back into eating — literally

Specifically, they put their shoulders into it.

Steaming fish makes for a healthier meal with fewer toxins

If you boil it, don’t drink the fish stock.