Finland’s universal basic income experiment made people happier, but didn’t land them a job

The results are neither bad nor good.

Finland’s 100-year gift to itself: a beautiful, futuristic, and free library

What better gift could there be?

War relics become valuable heritage in Finland

This raises an important question about heritage.

Finnish project aims to turn sawdust into fish food and tackle world hunger

Teach a man to chemically process sawdust into the building blocks of life to feed his fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Why sea levels around Finland and Sweden are dropping while the rest of the world is drowning

Earth is not a bathtub and some places actually experience a sea level drop due to climate change.

Solar could supply up to 80% of domestic heating demand in northern latitude countries

Cold nights in Finland could be kept at bay with solar.

Finland is warming twice as fast than the rest of the planet

Finnish researchers analyzed meteorological data gathered over the past 166 years and found the country’s average monthly temperatures have increased by more than 2 degrees Celsius. Over the same period, the rest of the planet has warmed by only 0.8 degrees C on average. Overall, Finland and other sub-Arctic countries are warming at double the rate of the world’s global

Finland on track to offer high speed internet to all its inhabitants

Finland is definitely one of the countries leading the technological development in numerous fields; the latest in their plans is to offer high speed internet to ALL of its inhabitants by no later than 2015. “The target set by the government will be reached on schedule, or even ahead of it,” the ministry said in a statement. The government plans