Cannabis makes exercise more enjoyable and may aid recovery

Marijuana might counter-intuitively actually motivate people to exercise more.

Even light physical activity like housework might keep the brain young

You don’t necessarily have to break a sweat to reap the benefits of exercising.

Dogs really help people stay fit, new study shows

As if dogs weren’t precious enough, they also help with our fitness — new research shows that dog owners are 400% more likely to meet recommended physical activity guidelines.

Large breasts discourage women from exercising, study finds

Women worldwide: ‘Duh’!

Happiness exercises could help those recovering from substance abuse

I’m not recovering from anything and I still need these exercises in my life.

Want to keep a young heart? Try exercising 4-5 times a week

If you want to maintain a healthy and young body, you’d best start working.

Proper hydration helps seniors get the full benefit of exercise and keeps their minds limber

Everybody should try to stay well hydrated — seniors more so than others.

Myth busted: strenuous exercise does not suppress immune system

Exercising is almost never bad for you.

Jymmin combines working out with music, makes people feel less pain

Scientists paired music composition software with sensors attached to the fitness machines.

Drinking two glasses of wine a day, keeps premature death away

A study found moderately drinking wine lowered risk of premature death more than exercising.

Physical exercise is more important for health than weight, study reports

Being healthy doesn’t mean losing weight.

Exercising in a group rather than alone is a great way to handle stress, researchers reveal

Time to hit the gym!

Cash 4 Weight Loss programme shown to work and make people excited about exercise

That sounds more like wizardry than science.

Feeling down? Walk it off! No really, walking is all you have to do

Who said you can’t run from your problems?

Trying to stay motivated? Shift your strategy from ‘do better’ to ‘avoid worse’ mid-game

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Just half an hour of moderate aerobic exercise can do wonders for the brain

A new study suggests a moderate workout improves neuroplasticity.

Physical activity, whether or not it’s exercise, makes you happier

Move if you want to be happy!

Support gets you to start working out but competition powers you to the end, study finds

Some pretty impressive results for team competition.

Physically active mice are better at fighting cancer

Here’s one more benefit of exercise (as if we needed more): it can help you fight cancer.

Can’t find motivation to exercise? Do some drugs, expert says

Exercise is good for you, we all know that. Even better with drugs.