Europe’s grids will feed primarily from wind farms by 2027, predicts the International Energy Agency

Go Europe, go!

European Union considers total ban on plastic straws and cutlery

We can only hope this comes to fruition.

30% of the European Union’s electricity came from renewables in 2017

These are encouraging news, but everything is not rosy in Europe.

There will be no renegotiation of the Paris agreement, EU Parliament tells Trump


Europe has to shut down all of its coal-fired plants by 2030 to meet its Paris Agreement pledge

Seriously ambitious action is needed if we’re to avert 1.5 C of global warming.

For the first time since the 07-08 financial crisis, the economy in all EU countries is growing. Even Greece!

But its citizens need to feel this growth in their monthly statement otherwise a disaster might happen.

EU Meeting underway in Brussels hints of Divided Interests

European Union leadersĀ are currently meeting in Brussels to discuss the terms under which the Union will set its 2030 energy targets. Right now on the table, the plan is to cut CO2 emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by raising energy efficiency and the renewable energy slice. Such a convention is never without compromise, however. Some states have difficulties adhering