Eighteen U.S states are taking the EPA to court over weakening emission regulations

“We are not looking to pick a fight with the Trump administration, but we are ready for one,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

EPA ends important Clean Air policy, fulfilling request of fossil fuel lobby

Strike another win for the bad guys.

Scott Pruitt says subsidies give renewables an unfair edge, and here’s why he’s a monumental hypocrite

Capital H.

EPA’s Office of Water director resigns to protest Trump’s choke-hold of the agency

Budget cuts, operational shackling, and having to deal with Pruitt would be enough to make any man resign.

The lid stays shut on methane emissions despite Pruitt’s wishes, Columbia Court of Appeals judges rule

A major blow for the Trump administration.

EPA dismisses climate change scientists ‘to replace them with industry reps’

Things are getting scarier and scarier.

EPA removes climate science website to “reflect the priorities… of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt”

The new age of censorship.

Trump orders media blackout at the EPA, tells employees to ‘cut climate change webpage’

The Trump administration has effectively banned scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from talking to the media.