Scientists find why earthworms are so good at fertilizing the soil

They’re a gardener’s best friend, and our fields wouldn’t be the same without them. The humble earthworm plays a major role in organic matter recycling in soils worldwide, and now researchers have figured out how. The secret lies in their metabolic system and how they digest their food.

Why the most expensive coffee in the world is ingested and then defecated

There are many types of coffee in the world, and the price can vary greatly. But the most expensive types of coffee are the ones that have been ingested and defecated. What makes this process so special? The answer, as usual with foods and beverages — is chemistry. Digested coffee Civet Coffee Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, refers to the seeds of

Battling heartburn: what is it, what causes it, how to treat it

Chances are some of you have experienced a heartburn at some point in your lives – that sudden burning sensation in the chest that goes beyond a common nuisance. It keeps people from sleeping during the night and  functioning properly during the day, affecting one in eighteen of Americans or roughly 15 million people. Curiously enough, heartburns aren’t caused by an

Malaria to be defeated by starving parasite to death

It claims the life of a child every 30 seconds and about 40% of the entire world population is at risk because of it. About 500 million people become very ill with malaria every year and about 2 million of them don’t make it. The situation seems really grim especially as in some parts of the world medicines seem to