Meet the deadliest tree in the world. It’s so dangerous you could die just by standing underneath it

The story of the manchineel — a tree that grows on the coast of tropical locations — and why should stay the heck away from it.

How your brain distinguishes safety from danger

Columbia University researchers have successfully identified the cellular network that allows mice to remember which environments are safe and which are dangerous. The study also looks into what happens when these neurons are tampered with, offering insight into how conditions such as PTDS, panic attacks and anxiety disorders can be treated.

How NASA might save the world from killer asteroids

It almost looks like a sci-fi movie; in a small, crammed room at the Goddard Space Flight Center, a group of brilliant NASA researchers are discussing ways to protect our planet from dangerous asteroids. But this is not a movie, it’s reality – and it’s happening now. So how big is the threat from asteroids? Spoiler alert: you shouldn’t waste any