NASA will soon launch a probe that will travel through the sun’s atmosphere — here’s what you need to know

A modern-day Icarus — but this one won’t get burned.

Astronomers get the first glimpse of solar wind as it forms

Using images of the Sun and strong processing algorithms, scientists have observed solar winds emerging from the corona.

Why the sun’s corona is hotter than its surface: laws of physics still stand

One of the biggest mysteries in solar physics is how is it possible that the sun’s surface is colder than its atmosphere. At first glance, it seems that the sun’s atmosphere, called the corona, is hotter than the heat source which is preposterous given the second law of thermodynamics. So, either the sun doesn’t care of the laws of physics

Astronomers try to predict huge solar blasts by studying coronal cavities

From time to time, the sun projects billion-ton clouds of charged particles from its scorching surface, surrounded by a solar atmosphere scientists dub corona, into space. Sometimes, these blasts hit the Earth’s magnetic field with a high potential for wrecking havoc to satellites and  communications, and in extreme cases massive electrical power surges. It’s become a sort of priority, thus, for

The world’s largest solar model covers entire Sweden

Have you ever seen a model of the solar system? They’re just great! But most of them have one big fault – they’re not to scale. But that’s not the case with the biggest model in the world, located in Sweden, which stretches around the entire country and represents everything to scale. The Sun is represented by the Ericsson Globe, in