Conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine sentiments go hand-in-hand

Somehow not very surprising.

First peer review paper on chemtrails finds exactly what you’d expect — it’s all pseudoscience

Of course, it could just be The Government covering up. Spooky stuff.

Fake moon landings would have been uncovered within a few years, same as other conspiracies

Using estimates of how many people are involved in some of the major alleged conspiracies, one scientist modeled how long it would take for them to be revealed to the public.

Curiosity spots what looks like a Martian camp fire, alas it’s nothing of the sorts

The photo right above was captured by the Curiosity Rover’s right-hand navigation camera , currently deployed on Mars and on route to Mount Sharp, which shows a striking flare of light seemingly torching near the horizon. Taken on April 4th, the photo somehow made its way to the general public (bad idea NASA) and stirred international turmoil back on Earth, where

Feeling amuck makes people see inexistant patterns

It’s natural that when you are stressed out, you tend to search for an explanation for your current situation and to search for answers; too many people have felt this and this is a global issue even without the economy crisis that struck us. But in such times when you feel that your finances are getting out of control, it’s