Layers of hydrocarbon haze could explain why Pluto’s so super-cold

Pluto just got a lot more interesting.

We’re one step closer to understanding the Mpemba effect, or why hot water freezes faster

Physics, the original troll.

Why am I always cold? Science to the rescue

Feeling cold all the time isn’t necessarily a bad thing but there are things you can do to raise temperature.

Vitamin D can protect against flu and cold, meta-analysis study confirms

But you still shouldn’t take supplements if you’re not Vitamin D deficient.

NASA plans to build robots that explore frozen worlds from metallic glass so they don’t shatter

“Cold enough to shatter robots” is pretty cold in my book.

Did the vaccine for the common cold just had to include all rhinoviruses? Why didn’t you say so!

Really, is it that easy? Let’s hope so.

Why your brain doesn’t catch a cold

In most of the world, winter long ground to a halt to make way for more harmonious seasons. Still, these are still tense times for your health, as one day can be sunny, the other murky and cold. A lot of people get snuffed and catch a cold. While you’re tucked inside your sheets, blowing your nose and cursing the