Religious material promoting humanity as stewards make Christians care more about the environment

Do as the good book says!

Archaeologists uncover Roman baths in Syria

It’s a remarkable find, but it’s only the first step.

Science Santa History: The Pagan Origins of Christmas

The truth is a bit more complicated – and interesting.+

Stunning church discovered in underground city in Turkey

A surprising finding could change the history of orthodoxy.

Science Santa History: The origins of Christmas Customs

This is a series of articles about Christmas we here at ZME Science will be doing all December. Our goal is to present interesting, little known facts about the origins and history of Christmas. Christmas – not the birth of Jesus, but a Roman celebration There is still a lot of debate around this issue and it’s pretty much impossible

Science Santa History: The Origins of Santa Claus

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere! We’ve discussed the date of Christmas and how it is (or rather isn’t) connected to the birth of Jesus, and when we talked about the origins of some of the most popular traditions connected to Christmas. But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Claus, this bearded jolly dwarf usually represented in green, blue or purple