What are the different types of energy

Don’t let your boss find out, but in a physical sense, energy is defined as the ability to do work.

An AI recreated the periodic table from scratch — in a couple of hours


We’re made of stardust, but heavier elements are made of black-hole-and-neutron-star dust

It’s not a contest uranium, jeez.

New plasma printing technique can deposit nanomaterials on flexible, 3D substrates

A new nanomaterial printing method could make it both easier and cheaper to create devices such as wearable chemical and biological sensors, data storage and integrated circuits — even on flexible surfaces such as paper or cloth. The secret? Plamsa.

Influential few predict behavior of the many – on all scales

As Niels Bohr once pointed out, to fully understand how a living organism works, you’d have to take it apart in the smallest of parts; since this is not something you can actually do, organisms, which represent systems of very high complexity, are impossible to track and understand in all their details. The few and the many But by using