The cerebellum is much more ‘brainy’ than we thought

The ‘little brain’ is not just involved in muscle coordination — it also coordinates cognition and emotions.

Researchers identify anti-hallucination system in our brains

Too bad we don’t have one for use against pseudoscience.

Chinese woman completely lacks a cerebellum

A Chinese woman has shocked doctors when it was revealed that she reached 24 years without having a cerebellum. It is not the first time a person was living fine without having a cerebellum, but she entered an extremely select group, which only features 9 other people. The woman checked in at the Chinese PLA General Hospital of Jinan Military Area Command

Baby brains grow to half the adult size in just 90 days

Researchers performed MRI scans on babies to see how their brains developed from birth to later stages. Their findings reveal the explosive growth of the human brain following birth: in just 90 days, the baby brain grows by 64% reaching half the adult size.

Cyborg-rats with artificial cerebellums – first step ahead the age of borg

Remarkably enough, scientists from Tel Aviv University in Israel, have manged to implant an artificial cerebellum in a rat’s brain, which successfully restored lost brain function. This research could provide the foundations for implementing cyborg-like functions in the human brain sometime in the distant future. Such an advancement, could possibly one day offer the prospect of a normal life to