Fleets of driverless cars could smoothen traffic by at least 35%

The roads of the future could be safer and faster if all cars were autonomous.

Uber-like services can reduce demand for parking — so let’s use the lots for something better

Need a ride?

There are now over three million electric vehicles on the world’s roads, after massive sales in 2017

Fossil’s so last year.

Europe will get 10,000 EV charging points and an ‘electric highway’ to connect Italy to Norway by 2020

Old world, new tricks.

Porsche announced it wants half of its cars to be electric by 2023

We’re witnessing a new age of sports cars.

World’s tiniest race will pit nanocars against each other in Toulouse this April

The stakes have never been so tiny.

London to introduce £10 ($12) vehicle tax for polluting cars

The announcement comes after a disastrous couple of months for London in terms of air quality.

Faraday Future’s secret all-electric SUV spotted in Los Angeles

This seems like FF’s response to Tesla’s Model X.

The first self-driving taxis are here — and by “here” I mean Singapore

A small start-up brought self-driving taxies to the streets.

The City of London Corporation bans leasing or purchasing diesel vehicles for its businesses

The organization takes improving air quality “extremely seriously,” and has thus decided to clamp down on diesel vehicles.

Simulate your way out of (or into) the perfect traffic jam

Computer models like Traffic-Simulation are designed to figure out how each traffic component adds towards a jam. The simulation models various conditions such as number of trucks or cars on the road, average distance and speed of cars, lane geometry and so forth, to explain how they develop.

Expert warns smart-cars will promote sex behind the wheel and distracted driving

Will widespread use of smart cars make roads safer or actually more dangerous? One Canadian expert is raising concerns that as automated systems take up the bulk of navigating tasks, drivers will keep their hands less on the driving wheel…and more on the person (persons?) next to them.

97% of Diesel Cars Don’t Respect Official Pollution Limits

According to the most comprehensive set of data, almost no diesel cars respect pollution limits.

Faraday Future shows off an electric roadrunner concept car – we’re not impressed

The fledgling California company with billions in undisclosed funding held a press conference the other day at CES where it showed to journalists and tech enthusiasts the FFZERO1 — a high-performance concept car.

These are the fastest production cars of every decade

Here’s a list of the fastest cars, decade by decade.

The fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world hits the 100km(62miles)/h mark in under 1.8 seconds

A team of students from the University of Stuttgart just designed, built and raced what could be the fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world.

This generator harvests power from a car’s rolling tires

Some 10% of the energy generated by a car’s engine is lost due to friction between tires and the pavement. What if you could harness this lost energy somehow? A group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in collaboration with researchers in China have found a ingenious way to collect and use this friction energy by effectively inserting nanogenerators into tires.