Gene mutation doesn’t make women diagnosed with breast cancer more likely to die

A gene mutation that makes it likely for women to develop breast cancer doesn’t actually make the disease worse.

Progress in medicine drops breast cancer fatality rate by 40 percent, saving 322,000 lives

Mammograms and chemo save lives, and things can get better.

Five-decade study links pesticides to breast cancer

A long term study conducted by US researchers has found a connection between levels of DDT pesticide and breast cancer – women with high levels of DDT in their body were four times more likely to develop breast cancer.

Learn About Breast Cancer Charities Near You

Breast cancer survival rates are improving, but the fight for a cure continues on.  According to the American Cancer Society, “During the last 10 years (2001-2010) for which mortality data is available, death rates declined for 11 of the 17 most common cancers in men (including lung, prostate, and colon and rectum) and for 15 of the 18 most common

Can You Trust a Breast Cancer Charity?

If you’ve lived in this world for 10 years or more, you realize that you need the help of other people to thrive. Life is better with friends and family you trust. Let a crisis or an emergency arise and the need to lean on others can increase suddenly, substantially. Being told that you have breast cancer is a time

Girls who eat peanut butter 39% less likely to develop benign breast cancer in adulthood

A new study made by researchers at  Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Harvard Medical School found that  girls ages 9 to 15 who regularly ate peanut butter or nuts were 39 percent less likely to develop benign breast disease by age 30. Benign breast disease, although noncancerous, increases risk of breast cancer later in life. The findings strongly suggest

Intensive coffee drinking may reduce risk of breast cancer

Lately, I’m feeling quite skeptical about the studies I read regarding coffee consumption, especially since it’s known that sometimes a major industry (like oil, or tobacco, or coffee) tends to… influence certain researchers to publish favorable results. I just recently wrote about how 9 out of the top 10 climate change deniers are influenced by Exxon Mobil. But this doesn’t