Bonobos may get disgusted too — which may help trace the origin of this behavior in humans

Our primate cousins seem to get grossed out as well.

Unlike humans, bonobos prefer jerks

Bonobos are surprisingly human-like, but this is where things start to diverge.

If you want a glimpse of an ancient human ancestor, the bonobo might be the closest you’ll get

Our cousin, the bonobo, has remarkably changed very little. Anatomically, they’re the most similar to a common ancestor out of all the apes.

Just like humans, old bonobos suffer from long-sightedness

Stop blaming your computer.

Chimps interbred with bonobos, surprising study reveals

Just like humans and Neanderthals interbred, so too did chimps and bonobos.

Bonobos use flexible “baby communication”

Researchers have found that just like babies, bonobos exhibit a type of communication in which they use the same sound with different intonations to say different things. They use these high pitch “peeps” to express their emotions.

Bonobo anatomy offers clues on how our body evolved

A pair of anthropologists compared the anatomical features o bonobos to those of homo sapiens and other apes to infer any clues that might help us understand how we evolved to look the way we do.

New study adds new dimension to the threats posed to the Bonobo – the ‘forgotten ape’

The Bonobo, or Pygmy Chimpanzee as it was once called, is one of our closest relatives, yet one of the most poorly studied. This fascinating ape displays unique social order and other highly interesting traits, and unfortunately like all great apes it is also endangered. Very little is known, however, about how many specimens are there in the wild or

Apes comfort each other ‘like humans’

Not as unique as we thought An “emotionally competent” young ape rushes to hug another juvenile that has just been attacked. I think the idea of animals doing something “like humans” is pretty outdated as it is – so many things that we thought were unique to us have been proven to be if not common than at least… not