Scientists implant lab-grown blood vessels in patients who need dialysis

The implants could improve the lives of many other patients, such as those suffering traumatic injuries or from cardiovascular disease.

Energy drinks have a profound effect on our blood vessels, new research shows

How can people drink this stuff in the first place is beyond me.

Scientists hack a $40 cotton candy maker to spin artificial blood vessels

Creating artificial blood vessels is a pivotal aspect of reconstructive medicine. However, time and time again this has proven very tricky to accomplish. Now, a researcher believes he has found the key: weaving blood vessels with cotton candy machines. Traditionally, researchers would allow cultured cells to spontaneously develop capillary systems of their own. This process can be very lengthy, taking weeks

Eye blood vessels linked to IQ and cognitive functions – in other words, the back of your eye may indicate brain health

According to a new research published in Psychological Science, the width of blood vessels in the retina may indicate your brain health. Previous studies have already shown that younger people who score relatively low on IQ tests tend to be poorer and have a shorter lifespan — however, it’s still a matter of debate if this has a physiological cause,

Blood vessels in the eye linked to IQ and cognitive functions

It’s not quite what scientists expected – the width of blood vessels in the eye, at the back of the retina, may indicate brain health risks, such as dementia and alzheimers years before they actually set in according to a new study published in Psychological Science. It is already well known that young people who score very low at IQ