New melanoma blood test could be a game changer for early detection

Next up — clinical trials.

New objective blood test could diagnose autism in children

The test could be a game changer for identifying autism.

Scientists develop new Alzheimer’s blood test for early signs

The new blood test uses the immunoprecipitation with mass spectrometry technique, which deploys antibodies to bind and identify proteins.

Blood test might diagnose all forms of cancer

A promising diagnosis test can accurately detect cancer in 7 out of 10 patients just by reading telltale genetic mutations found in the blood. While it will not replace invasive biopsies when the test runs negative, the procedure could help identify tumours earlier. When cancer is involved, the faster you find it, the better the chance of surviving it.

Simple blood test predicts which breast cancer patient will have a relapse months in advance

The trend is clear: medicine is becoming more and more personalized. Ultimately, when you’ll enter a hospital for a diagnosis or treatment, a (likely digital) doctor will use tailored solutions to address your health needs, all based on your past medical and genetic records. Considering diagnosis, just a few drops of blood will be enough to diagnose a plethora of afflictions. Take the latest news coming from the The Institute of Cancer Research in London, for instace. There, British doctors were able accurately predict which breast cancer patient will relapse next by tracking key mutations of residual cancer cells found in the blood. It’s a very powerful tool – one that will probably become standard practice soon.

Blood test for Alzheimer’s detects the disease with 90% accuracy

Considering population growth and increased life expectancy, experts estimate that by  2050 some 115 million people will be afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease – a prevailing neurodegenerative disease that needs no introduction. There’s no cure to Alzheimer’s, but there are treatments that help mild symptoms or prolong sanity before the point of no return is reached. All of these treatments, however, require