Finland basic income trial concludes, participants enjoy lower stress and higher incentive to work

A small UBI trial in Finland has rendered very promising results.

Ontario, Canada, to start piloting basic income project

Out of all the ideas to end global poverty, the simplest seems to also be more effective: governments just handing out money to people.

Finland starts basic income trial with 2,000 citizens. Each will get US$587/mo to spend as they wish

The new year kicked off with a historic pilot program in Finland.

Basic income in another Dutch town: each person receives up to $1,450/m unconditionally

After Utrecht, another Dutch town is joining the basic income social experiment to see whether receiving an unconditional sum of money each month will make society more productive or slacking

Dutch city of Utrecht will start experimenting with universal, unconditional basic income

The city of Utrecht will start experimenting with a new concept that could revolutionize society as we know it: basic income. Unconditional basic income is a form of social security system in which all residents receive an unconditional sum of money, regardless of whether or not they have another source of income.