Augmented Reality could soon help surgeons ‘see’ through the skin

From Pokemon Go to the operating room.

The Difference between Virtual and Augmented Reality

Let’s put the hype away for a second and see what sets these two technologies apart.

Dynamic augmented reality could make Pokemon interact with the real world

It’s simply amazing.

Augmented reality without glasses: yes, it’s possible

What augment reality tech does is it combines the real and not-real in a way that immerses the user into a new world.

Ge-Force powered Augmented Reality Sandbox

Show of hands, who here doesn’t sometimes long for the good old days when you would play in the sandbox or at the beach, building mighty castles, sculpting awesome cities and raising mounds that would make the Misty Mountains look like mellow hills?
Powered by Ge-Force GTX 750 Ti and OpenGL, the Augmented Reality Sandbox comes to bring back that supreme childhood fantasy only better – because it has technology.

Augmented Reality: Taking Things to Another Dimension

In the middle of the hype for Apple’s WWDC 2013, the biggest names in technology gathered in the Santa Clara Convention Center last week for the fourth Augmented World Expo (formerly the Augmented Reality Expo). CNET calls it “the next big thing in tech”, but what exactly is augmented reality? The World, Enhanced The dictionary defines augment as “to make