Mysterious gravitational anomaly in Moon’s South Pole could be a massive metal deposit

It was ‘imported’ from space via a meteorite impact.

Fake killer asteroid destroys New York City in NASA planetary defense simulation

Don’t panic — this is just a drill.

Half of all water in the oceans may have come from ancient asteroid collisions

The mystery of Earth’s water may have been solved by a team of Japanese researchers.

NASA and partners will be holding an asteroid impact exercise at conference next week

Duck and cover!

Japanese probe blasts the first artificial crater on an asteroid

The blast might help scientists answer fundamental questions about the solar system’s formation.

This new approach to spotting incoming asteroids should keep our planet safe

“With the [new method] we can spot objects regardless of their surface color, and use it to measure their sizes and other surface properties,” said the researchers.

Astronomers spy self-destructing asteroid with a twin comet-like tail

A well-known asteroid is spectacularly disintegrating before astronomers’ eyes.

New photos from asteroid Bennu reveal stunning surprises

We have a shuttle in outer space, orbiting and asteroid and beaming back data and images. Still seems pretty incredible.

What’s the difference between an asteroid and a meteorite?

The meteorite only lives as it is falling.

‘Oumuamua, our first interstellar visitor, is actually smaller than we thought

The small asteroid also seems to be emanating streams of gas that may explain why it was moving faster than it was supposed to.

Key ingredient for life on Earth may have come from outer space

Phosphates forged in space made their way to Earth on comets and asteroid.

Japanese rovers beam back more awesome pictures from asteroid’s surface

You can see how the sun moves across the asteroid’s horizon.

History in the making: Japan lands two rovers on asteroid

This could give insights on the birth of the Earth, and even the solar system.

Earth may have ‘mini-moons’ that could answer some interesting astronomy

The moon is Earth’s only permanent natural satellite, but it may be in the company of tiny asteroids trapped in the planet’s orbit.

Most objects in the asteroid belt come from a handful of wrecked ancient planets

Asteroids have families too.

NASA updates its plan to deflect dangerous asteroids

It’s the “small” asteroids that we really need to be preparing for.

Life bounced back quickly at the famed dinosaur-ending asteroid impact site

We don’t know much about how life bounces back after such a dramatic event.

New evidence backs up existence of mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ in the outer solar system

An elusive planet ten times more massive than Earth may be lurking in the outer fringes of the solar system.

Astronomers find the first permanent “immigrant” in our solar system

I don’t think any wall can keep this guy out.

“Exiled” asteroid shouldn’t be where it is

How did it get there?