Researchers create fuel from water, CO2, and artificial photosynthesis

The technology isn’t yet ready for the market — but it’s not far off, either.

New design hotfix could make artificial leaves better than actual leaves

I can hardly beleaf it!

Artificial bacteria-killing cells could win the war against drug resistance

As the cells are much more robust and self-sufficient than previous ‘models’, they can be employed even in less-than-ideal or changing conditions.

An AI recreated the periodic table from scratch — in a couple of hours


Novel cell-in-a-shell is a like a body armor for tiny living things

It’s like cells wearing power-armor!

Immortal cells could usher in the age of plentiful, artificial blood for transfusions

Your body probably won’t even tell the difference.

Artificial intelligence can write classical music like a human composer. It’s the first non-human artist whose music is now copyrighted

The 21st century biggest musical prodigy might turn out to be a machine.

Artificial synapse brings us one step closer to brain-like computers

It’s also bio-compatible — are our brains getting an update?

Bendy artificial muscle is made of pure nylon, still stronger than you

Even nylon is getting ripped and I still won’t hit the gym.