Arctic ecosystems “highly responsive” to climate change — and very hard to fix once broken

“Our results show a clear link in the timing of animal recovery and the recovery of Earth systems.”

Retreating ice is exposing Arctic moss and plants for the first time in 120,000 years

Climate change is exposing plant life that’s been preserved by the ice cap for thousands of years.

Thawing Canadian Arctic permafrost is releasing “substantial amounts” of mercury into waterways

In the Canadian Arctic, mercury isn’t rising only in thermometers.

Arctic plants are getting taller due to climate change — which could fuel more climate change

Well, this is an unusual problem to have.

Barents Sea just crossed a climate tipping point — and we watched it happen

We’ve changed the sea.

Companies push to start drilling for oil in Arctic refuge

Pristine no more — drilling might soon commence in the Alaskan Arctice.

Boaty McBoatface to lead 5-year expedition to one of the fastest-melting glaciers

It’s one of the last barriers holding back a lot of water from hitting the ocean.

Arctic sea ice chock-full of microplastics, with over 12,000 particles per litre of ice

It should basically be called Arctic sea plastic by now.

The Arctic’s convection engine is grinding to a halt, flooded by meltwater

Melting Arctic ice is already leaving its mark on the oceans.

Climate change is link between record-low Arctic ice cover, freak weather in Europe and the US

The Arctic’s getting really hot.

Norway to invest $13 million in “Doomsday” Seed Vault

We hope this vault will never be needed. But just in case…

Light pollution from research ship makes Artic zooplankton return to the deep

A team of researchers modified a kayak, equipped it with sensors, a petrol engine, strapped it to a ship, and set out to sea to measure zooplankton’s reaction to artificial light.

Fishing banned in the thawing Arctic for the next 16 years in historic pact

Sometimes, the world can work together for the common gold.

Scientists find blocks of polystyrene at the North Pole

The Arctic is screwed.

Arctic ice is turning green, and now we know why

Green is not always good.

Aerosol emissions kept climate change in check over the Arctic until Clean Air regulations

Emissions work both ways. Well, worked.

US and Canada ban offshore drilling in the Arctic

Obama hopes the move will be hard to undo for his successor.

The most depressing report of the year says 2016 saw unprecedented warming in the Arctic

Things aren’t looking good up north.

We should prepare for bad surprises in the Arctic climate, new report finds

Unless we start reducing fossil fuel consumption drastically and fast, irreversible changes will happen in the Arctic and that will affect all of us.

Legendary 1848 ship found in the Arctic in pristine shape

Searches in the Canadian Arctic have located the H.M.S. Terror, which mysteriously disappeared 168 years ago. The ship was found in pristine condition at the bottom of a bay.