Supermassive black hole pairs imaged in merging galactic cores

The same should happen six billion years from now when the Milky Way merges with Andromeda.

The Milky Way once had a large sister galaxy — but Andromeda devoured it

Astronomers unravel a gruesome galactic murder… and we might be next!

Two billion years ago, Andromeda ‘ate’ a sister-galaxy of the Milky Way

The findings could topple our current understanding of how galaxies merge.

Hubble Discovers Huge Halo Around Andromeda Galaxy

In an article published in the Astrophysical Journal last week, astronomers described a massive halo around the Andromeda Galaxy, extending up close to Earth. The team spotted the halo through NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and consider it one of the galaxy’s most important features.

Milky Way spins faster

Well ladies and gentlemen, you’d better fasten your seat belts, because we’re in for quite a spin. The Milky Way is spinning a bit faster than scientists believed; with about 100.000 miles / hour that is. What does that mean, basically?? Well, we’re faster, heavier, and there’s a bigger chance that we’ll collide with… something. It won’t be good, anyway.