8 bird species have disappeared this decade or are on the brink of extinction

This includes the Spix’s Macaw, the lovely birds which inspired the main characters in Rio.

Amazon implements new “delete everything I said today” command for Alexa

With privacy concerns mounting, Amazon is trying to assuage its customers.

Cocaine, ayahuasca, and DMT — South Americans had hardcore rituals 1,000 years ago

High in the Andes, shamans got high using some serious drugs.

Why the Amazon is the widest river in the world

A mammoth among rivers!

What is the longest river in the world? That’s surprisingly debatable

It depends on how you measure. By one account it’s the Nile but others say that the Amazon is the longest river in the world.

NASA creates first 3D model of Amazon rainforest canopy to estimate the effects of droughts, climate change

Drought has a massive effect on rainforests. Bad news in the current changing climate.

Pink river dolphins in the Amazon basin are declining rapidly

These iconic animals could become extinct soon if we dont help them.

Every other day, a new species is discovered in the Amazon

There’s also some bad news…

Appetite of Amazonian cities impact wildlife up to 1,000 km away

Lots of mouths to feed.

Book review: ‘The Power of Networks: Six Principles that connect our Lives’

A great introduction to how networks work.

The Amazon Stonehenge: Drones discover hundreds of ancient earthworks in the basin

Large, mysterious earthworks built thousands of years ago were discovered in the Amazon basin.

First images of the Amazonian reef released by Greenpeace

More like Amazingonian reef, am I right?

Scientists find 1,000-km-long coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon

It’s a true “Wow!” moment.

An Amazonian tribe is defending their forests from illegal loggers with bow and arrow

Motivated by the love for their native lands and armed with bows, arrows, GPS trackers and camera traps, an indigenous community in northern Brazil is fighting to achieve what officials couldn’t – stop illegal logging in their part of the Amazon.

Amazon holds contest to see who’s the best robot that can replace a warehouse worker

Over the weekend, Amazon – a company that employs more than 50,000 people in its warehouses alone – organized a contest where engineering teams from all over the world were invited to present a robot that can fulfill simple warehouse duties. Though some of the bots were quite impressive, all of them failed miserably at some point, even at a task so simple as grabbing an item from a shelf and placing it in a tub. It’s not that they couldn’t do this, rather they were so slow and clumsy that any warehouse worker witnessing the display might think he’s a superhero and his job is safer than the pope in the Vatican. Well, that may be true … but who knows for how long. After all, any repetitive task can be automated, eventually.

Dust from the Sahara Desert Fertilizes the Amazon’s Forests

The Sahara Desert and the Amazon area have few things in common – one is a dry, barren wasteland, while the other is the most fertile area on Earth. But according to a new NASA study, there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to the two – dust from the Saharan area makes the trans-Atlantic journey, fertilizing the Amazonian rainforest with phosphorus.

Uncontacted Amazon tribe raids neighboring village; raises fear of retaliation

The past couple of months have been really tense for the people who are often times labeled as coming from ‘uncontacted’ tribes. The truth of is most of these tribes are often times intruded upon by neighboring communities and, worse and most dangerous of all, illegal loggers and drug traffickers. As such, tribesmen have come out in the open, forced upon

Members of a previously uncontacted Amazonian tribe become infected with influenza

A few months ago, I reported how Google is using its drones and Google Earth technology to monitor an uncontacted Amazonian tribe. Now, there’s convincing evidence that the same tribe has come in contact with non-indigenous locals, then with western researchers in the most unfortunate of circumstances. One, the contact was initiated by criminals operating illegal narcotrafficking whose routes apparently pass

Google Earth used to track uncontacted Amazonian tribe

The so-called developing world is riddled with isolated communities that hear little or any news from the outside world. It takes a lot of imagination, however, to understand how the few people, part of the last remaining, truly pure indigenous tribes of the Amazon basin,  must live like. Located deep in the Amazon rainforest, members of such communities continue to

New Arapaima species discovered in Amazon: a giant fish that can breath air

Also known as the paiche or the pirarucu, the arapaima is one of the most fascinating species of fish in the world. It’s one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, and certainly the biggest in South America, being a native to the Amazon Basin and nearby lakes and swamps. These arapaima are absolutely huge, most spanning 2.5 meters in length and weighing