Three Old Scientific Concepts Getting a Modern Look

The ancients often got it wrong about science — but they weren’t that far off.

What Einstein thought about God, the Universe, science and religion

Einstein is also often misinterpreted and even misquoted. So what did the brilliant man think of the Universe?

Physicists report new, solid observation of gravitational waves

It’s pretty much official now: we have gravitational waves.

Gravitational waves rumor sends ripples through the science community

Tantalizing rumors about gravitational waves have been spreading through the scientific community.

Albert Einstein’s secret to learning anything

A message from Einstein that shines of fatherly wisdom and speaks of something that most people should always consider: how to learn.

Einstein’s most famous equation – explained [VIDEO]

This year we celebrate a century since Albert Einstein’s posited his most famous equation: E=mc2. But what does it mean? How does it affect me? These are all highly pertinent questions, and luckily Symmetry Magazine put together an amazing video that puts all this to rest, and while fitting anti-potatoes and the Higgs boson in the same picture. Wait till you see it.

Einstein’s brilliance might have been due to strong brain hemisphere connection

Mere hours after his death in 1955, Albert Einstein‘s brain was removed, weighed and analyzed in a lab at Princeton Hospital by pathologist Thomas Stoltz Harvey. Bits of his brains were then sent to other pathologists around the country for analysis in hope that a connection between its physical attributes and the remarkable genius of Albert Einstein might be discovered.