New paper proposes we use air conditioners to make fuel out of thin air

Feasible or not, it’s still an interesting idea.

New research says traffic exhaust is giving millions of kids asthma all around the world

That’s a lot of kids.

Researchers estimate the monetary and health cost associated with particulate matter

Oh boy, it’s not pretty.

Cold plasma reactor neutralizes 99.9% of airborne viruses in new study

Breathe in deep — it’s safe.

New research shows air pollution sours our mood and makes us unhappy

The study was performed on Chinese cities — but the air pollution problem is very much a global one.

Air pollution may increase the risk of developing dementia

This is an observational study and, as such, the findings cannot be used to establish a cause-effect relationship — but it does raise some important questions.

California to launch its “own damn satellite” to monitor air pollution, climate change

Go Cali, go!

Air pollution seems to promote diabetes — even at officially ‘safe’ pollution levels

Don’t breathe too hard.

Eighteen U.S states are taking the EPA to court over weakening emission regulations

“We are not looking to pick a fight with the Trump administration, but we are ready for one,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Roughly 95% of people live in areas with ‘unsafe’ levels of air pollution

Don’t breathe too hard.

NASA tells us which plants to buy for cleaner air — in 100% infographic format

Plants > Chemicals.

ClientEarth vs UK Gov. verdict announced, officials have to tackle the problem

Their previous plans to clean the air were ruled to fall illegally short of the mark.

The UK government is being taken to court over air pollution…again

Canned air looking more and more like a brilliant idea.

A WHO report says 92% of humans breathe dangerously polluted air

Canned air doesn’t seem like such a publicity stunt now, does it?

The City of London Corporation bans leasing or purchasing diesel vehicles for its businesses

The organization takes improving air quality “extremely seriously,” and has thus decided to clamp down on diesel vehicles.

Dutch designer creates device that turns smog into beautiful jewelry

Wear it on your fingers, not in your lungs.

Chronic exposure to air pollution makes rats obese

A laboratory study on rats found that the animals that breathed Beijing’s notoriously polluted air gained weight and showed sighs of cardio-respiratory and metabolic dysfunctions after three to eight weeks of exposure.

Blowfish don’t actually hold their breath when inflated

When under threat, the pufferfish quickly inflates into a spherical shape to help it ward off  and escape predators. Until now, biologist had thought that in this state the pufferfish – also known as the blowfish, toadfish or sea squab – holds its breath all the while, but this assumption has been overturn by the findings made by Australian researchers who

Forget Beijing – Delhi has the world’s filthiest air, by far

Owing to its mass deployment of coal burning plants and the  7.4 million cars that fill its roads, Delhi now proudly stands as the city with the filthiest air in the world, and it’s only getting worse. Many agencies have recently issued health warnings for New Delhi residents, including the most vulnerable such as the elderly and children. Worst air in

A simple, elegant and effective way of getting water out of thin air

Most people would are surprised when they hear that 768 million people don’t have access to clean water. That’s twice and over the population of the US, and 50% more than that of the European Union! Something as simple and basic as access to water is denied (or greatly hardened) for them. Italian designer Arturo Vittori and Swiss architect Andreas Vogler