This may be a little late, but we started celebrating a little early this year and went on a well deserved vacation – so we’re going to ask for your forgiveness on this one.

It’s been a great year for us, mostly due to you, the people who read ZME Science, who support us and share our stories, who encourage us and tell us when we do mistakes – you’ve made 2012 fantastic for us! Hopefully, we made you smile, made you think, and showed you just how fascinating the world and the universe we live in are!

We have many, many things in store for the future, all suggested by you, all aimed at you – 2013 is set to be even a better year! Again, I’d like to express my warmest thanks to YOU, and hope that we’ve made your year just a little better.

Wishing you Love, Peace and Happiness,
the ZME Science guys.