In a recent act that just baffles my mind, Tennesee, not one of the US brightest states, has passed a bill that makes it easier for virtually any creationist teacher to include religion in science class. They did this by including mythology in science classes to promote critical thinking. Now I wonder, do you think there’ll be discussions about the Egyptian gods, or about Norse mythology, or about Zeus ?

Might as well do this

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Let’s get one think straight; regardless of my beliefs, I do believe anyone is entitled to believe in whatever they want, as long as they don’t try to impose it directly or indirectly upon others. But religion is in religion class, science is in science class, doesn’t that make sense ? We’re talking about centuries of research, tens of thousands of peer reviewed papers against the Bible – I strongly believe that this bill is absurd.

The Tennessee Science Teachers Association had a firm and prompt response, declaring itself disgusted by the bill, and declaring it “unnecessary, anti-scientific, and very likely unconstitutional.”. As a matter of fact, creationism has lost every major U.S. federal court case for decades, and legislators are still trying to find a way to bring God into the biology class. This sort of meddling in the educational system is going out all over the US, and it will not bring anything good to the table, quite the opposite. Critical thinking is encouraged by trusting what is proven, and not what is believed; it’s dissapointing.