Credit: Pixabay.

Credit: Pixabay.

It’s often believed that blondes have more fun, but now, we finally have proof for that; scientists claim that not only does bleaching hair does wonders for your look and self-confidence, but it also makes a women feel more attractive, more daring when it comes to asking someone out, and even more adventurous in the bedroom (you need to take Scarlett out of your mind, now).

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But this isn’t just about men, it’s also been shown that dyed blondes more often approach the boss and ask for something. Also, they tend to feel unfairly treated and complain about it and more decisive in relationships with friends and family, according to the study.

Mark Sergeant, a researcher at Nottingham Trent University who conducted the study, analyzed more than 200 women before and after they dyed their hair, and concluded that lighter locks actually lift the mood for most.

“Colouring your hair may seem like an art to most people, but there is actually a lot of science behind it. The changes we noted in the study in participants’ behaviour and psychology were significant. Not only were their confidence and mood levels elevated but also their inhibitions seemed to be mitigated with many reporting feeling more attractive and sexually exciting. Across the board participants viewed colouring their hair as something that raised their confidence. They were prepared to ask for things they wouldn’t normally be confident enough to ask for, such as pay rises or time off.”

As it turns out, black is the least popular hair color, as more than three-quarters of women claimed that blonde is the way to go. Also, another result of the study was to find out who has the best sexual activity, and at this category, red heads won by far. After this, they plan on doing another study to find out the differences between natural blondes and bottle blondes.