2014 is drawing nearer and nearer, and the Christmas holidays are upon us! It’s the time of the year to be joyful and merry. Enjoy the spirit of the season with your loved ones, and carry this spirit with you throughout the entire 2014; be better people, to yourselves and to the ones around you, and enjoy every single moment of this ride we call life!

As for ZME Science, we’ve had a tough, challenging year – and we couldn’t have gone through it without you! With your passion, your curiosity and your thirst for knowledge, you’ve inspired and motivated us to take things further and make ZME Science an even better place for everybody, of all ages and all backgrounds ! We hope you’ll be with us for the year to come, as we have a lot of special things in store.

So that being said, we, the team at ZME Science, would like to wish you a warm Christmas filled with love, peace and happiness – Merry Christmas!

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