I don’t know about you but I was thrilled to find out Natural Geographic was launching another baby, dedicated to wildlife; and no, the bulk of the programms won’t consist of old material just put on a different chanel.


"Expedition Wild: Project Kodiak" is one of the star shows, and it will focus on Alaskan grizzly bears

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“We’re going to make it a very distinct channel. We are going to target promotion on particular nights, different from what we do on the core channel. We are going to have wildlife programming that is 24-7, which is a celebration of animals. On the core channel less than 5 percent of our primetime content has wildlife featured” says Adds Steve Schiffman, Nat Geo’s general manager.

“We are focused on originality and exclusivity for this channel. We are operating as a global network and combining our budgets, which is going to allow us to produce a high volume of original programming. We’ve got hundreds of hours in the development pipeline right now, and I’m really encouraged by the quantity of new things that we are going to be able to bring, all in stunning HD.”, added Geoff Daniels, senior vice president of development and production.

I haven’t looked at any programs so far, basically because I don’t have a TV where I am right now, but I most definitely will.

*ZME Science is not associated in any way with National Geographic; but we’d love that. Seriously. If there’s anybody from National Geographic, we love you guys !