See: Previous Week’s Featured Researchers

This is where we take a look back at the past week, discussing not only the most interesting recent studies, but also the men and women behind them.

Lost City Belonging to Mysterious Culture Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest


Picture here: Mark Plotkin. Image via Wikipedia.


Featured Researchers: Christopher FisherMark Plotkin 
Affiliation: Colorado State University; Old Dominion University
Research Interests: Dr. Fisher’s research is focused on unraveling the complex relationship that links humans to their past and present environments. This focus of anthropological archaeology is often called landscape archaeology or human ecodynamics.

Educated at Harvard, Yale and Tufts, Dr. Mark Plotkin is an ethnobotanist, who has been working with many of the most ancient and powerful Shamans of the Amazon for much of the past three decades. His organization – the Amazon Conservation Team – has partnered with 32 Amazonian tribes to map, manage, and protect 70 million acres of ancestral rainforest.

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Why processed foods make you fat

Featured Researcher: Andrew Gewirtz
Affiliation: Georgia State University
Research Interests: Active mucosal inflammation is characterized by influx of immune cells, especially neutrophils.

Biggest Study Yet of Penis Size Confirms Average Size


Featured Researcher: Abraham Morgentaller
Affiliation: Harvard Medical School
Research Interests: His areas of interest include hypogonadism (low testosterone), sexual dysfunction, male infertility, prostate disorders, vasectomy and microsurgical vasectomy reversal.

How urban pigeons dodge obstacles


Featured Researcher: Andrew A. Biewener
Affiliation: Harvard University
Research Interests: His main area of research is comparative biomechanics of mammalian and avian locomotion, adaptive remodeling and design of musculoskeletal systems.

Incredibly old tool found in Oregon


Featured Researcher: Patrick O’Grady
Affiliation: University of Oregon
Research Interests: O’Grady is a staff archaeologist at the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History. Primary research interests include hunter-gatherer subsistence practices, late Pleistocene – early Holocene cultural transitions in the Great Basin of western North America, zooarchaeology, mobility patterns, and remote sensing applications, particularly ground penetrating radar.

Wind turbines help crops grow better

Featured Researcher: Eugene Takle
Affiliation: Iowa State University
Research Interests: I have not been able to find his current research interests, but I contacted him in an attempt to find out.

“Sparklemuffin” and “Skeletorus” are two new spider species

Featured Researcher: Madeline Girard
Affiliation: University of Berkeley
Research Interests: Her main research interest are jumping spiders – jumping spiders spiders make up the largest family (Salticidae) in the order Araneae and have well-developed visual systems that are central to intersexual communication.