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In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, green spaces are a rarity. With the idea of creating an escape from the congested streets of Bangkok, Somdoon Architects came up with this design of two towers, each tailored for a specific type of customers, but also eco-friendly.


A “green skin” covers the building providing temperature control (keeping shade when it’s hot) and also changes and adapts in order to control what can be seen in and out of these buildings. The smaller, 10 story tower is aimed at younger couples with lower incomes, featuring duplex apartments at a 5.4m floor-to-floor distance.


The taller thirty-two-story tower is called Ashton and is targeted towards families with a larger income, with glazing enclosure on three sides providing an expansive view outside. But what’s really interesting is the folding “bark” which connects the two towers, which you can see in this image.


This outer skin is constructed from a combination of precast concrete panels and a plant wall, symbolizing the relationship between the design and the environment.

Via Inhabitat.