green work

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Contrary to popular belief, “going green” is not something you can do just when you finish work or when you’re in the mood. It’s something that must became a part of your life at all time (when possible). Many people aren’t even close to realizing how much green potential your job has. Here’s a list of pretty much efortless things you can do at work to help the environment.

6. Green transportation
Say your workplace is 2 blocs away. What’s the right way to get there? If you answered “driving”… you’re wrong. If it’s close, you can walk to it. It’s good for your health, for the environment, everybody’s happy. The fact that less and less people walk is also a reason why so many people are obese and have health problems. Also, the gas emissions are harmful for the environment.

5. Keep it real. The plant, that is.


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Sure, a plastic rose can (sometimes) look good… but it doesn’t stand a chance against a real one. The natural beauty as well as the quality of the indoor air will be given a significant boost, and you’ll only have to water it several times per week. Studies have also shown that plants have a benefic effect on the mood of people.

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4. Green your PC
A computer should be used to its maximum potential; that refers to green potential too. Here’s a few ideas you can work with.

  • when you’re going for a new computer, try getting a laptop. They’re way more efficient and easier to carry around too (if you need that)
  • when you’re not using it for more than 10 minutes, put it on hibernation or standby
  • turn them off when your day is done
  • when a key from the keyboard is screwed, try fixing it or getting it fixed instead of getting a new keyboard
  • 3. Go digital
    While we’re at computers, it has to be said that the best paper is no paper. Switch from a fax machine to a fax modem to send and receive paperless documents. Use electronic forms whenever possible, that kind of stuff. Also, saving that this way is better because you save time, space and energy.

    2. Light comes from the Sun too you know
    When there is enough light outside, turn off the lightbulb. It will do no good, and damage the environment too. Also, if you must use a lightbulb, go for a compact fluorescent bulb or LED.

    1. Wear green

    green work

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    Oh well, but not in the literal way. Clothes can have a big influence too.Purchase clothing with organic fibers such as cotton, silk, wool or hemp, or fabric made from recycled materials. Stay in the flock or stand out, whicever suits you best.

    Not really useful but… the best way of saving resources at work is not going to work… right?


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