In November 2012, Astana, the capital of Kazahstan, was chosen by the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) as the venue to host EXPO-2017, which will focus on the theme “Future Energy”. Expo 2012 will focus on both the future of energy, but also on innovative, but practical energy solutions, as well as their global impact. Now, 2017 may seem like miles away, but some of the world’s best architects are already working on some projects! The idea for the expo center is to create a legacy for Astana, which will leave behind new housing, offices, commercial facilities and research laboratories for the betterment of the entire city.
Some of the famous people or companies which have submitted building projects for the Expo include UNStudio, Safdie Architects, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, GMP International Gmbh, Zaha Hadid Architects; Coop Himmelb(l)au, J. Mayer H. Architects, Snohetta, and Mecanoo – and the gallery for what they are proposing looks just mindblowing!

To see all the projects which were submitted check this link, and for more info about the entire expo, check out “>their website!

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Via Inhabitat