Two of the world’s oldest universities team up to digitize treasured medieval manuscripts

Some works will come straight from the Vatican.

Stunningly beautiful maps from Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs

Science, meet art!

Why Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is a brilliant sneaky innuendo

This just goes to show how amazing Shakespeare was at his craft — and also that he probably had a dirty mind.

Banksy stencil sells for $1.3 million — then immediately self-destructs

The painting doubled in value, since this is Banksy world and normal rules don’t seem to apply.

Dance and science — an unlikely couple joining forces for a ‘courageous’ future

A unique experiment challenges all of us to fight for a sustainable future.

Heavy Metal? Well, that’s just like renaissance music


Wilting away: Van Gogh’s legendary sunflowers are turning brown

After 150 years of blossoming, the flowers are slowly turning brown.

Hip hop music teaches children to recognize stroke and act quickly, study finds

Music can save lives, too.

Designer Oscar Lhermitte brings the moon to your fingertips

You can’t get any more lunar than this without leaving the planet.

The Colossal Earthworks of Stan Herd

Entire fields are his canvas.

Not art nor Instagram: Food art does not represent reality

Your Instagrams are not original. Painters have been doing it for centuries.

Some of the most stunning spiders to feast your eyes upon

Bet you’ve never seen anything like them.

Robots could soon write emotional or motivating songs

Inserting feelings into Artificial Intelligence music — the future is kinda happening already.

Celebrating women scientists — Maria Sibylla Merian, a pioneer in both art and science

An artist and naturalist, a woman who braved a wild continent and tropical diseases for her passion and left behind remarkable works.

The Food Chain Project: Fighting Food Waste With Art

Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa has started a new project where he monitored everything he ate during a year and made a work of art out of it.

First artwork to be made in space is now orbiting above all our heads

“A laugh star floating in space, above all our heads, is my attempt to create a contemporary metaphor for the hanging ‘Sword of Damocles,’ a reminder that the beauty of human life is so fragile.”

How Mozart was one of the first “pirates” – illegally transcribing music

The story of how a 12-year-old boy from Vienna snuck out the Sistine Chapel’s biggest guarded secret by genius alone.

How to Create Beautiful Images With Thousands of Circles

Art and science go hand in hand.

How the brain perceives rhythm – simpler is better

Your brain is hardwired to like some rhythms more than others, neuroscientists report.

Self-ink calendar uses capillary action to mark dates

An artsy calendar that makes you stop and think about how you spend your time — with a bit of help from science.