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Killer AI? Let’s Solve the Smaller Problems First

robot mural

Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk has said that our civilization is dangerously close to encountering AI problems within a “five-year timeframe, 10 years at most.” He made the comment on the website Edge.org shortly before deleting it. His point was that, sometime soon, we may actually create a form of artificial intelligence that decides to rise up and wipe out the

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Elon Musk Offers Ten Million Dollars to Keep AI Under Control

Elon Musk. Image via Daily Tech.

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Hyperloop, will offer $10 million in grants to fund 37 research projects dedicated to keeping artificial intelligence “beneficial” and “under control”. With the mind blowing explosion of computing and the ever-growing interest in AI, we’re growing closer to the point where we have to ask ourselves whether we’ll still be in control and

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Suidobashi Heavy Industries accepts US’s Megabot Inc challenge for a giant robot duel


Earlier this month, Megabots Inc issued a video challenge on Youtube to Suidobashi Heavy Industries, to pit the company’s’ biggest, baddest robots against each other in a duel of giant robots. And grab the popcorn, put the beer on ice and get your geek on, because Japanese robot manufacturer has accepted the challenge from its US competitor, Efe news agency reported.

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Seahorses may inspire new generation of armored robots

Models of the cylindrical tail, left, and the square-prism tail. (Michael M Porter, Clemson University)

Seemingly small and delicate, seahorses are actually much more resilient than they look. Engineers have demonstrated that the seahorses’ prism-like tails are mechanically superior to the cylindrical ones; the discovery could lead to the development of more resilient robots. There are 54 species of seahorses, and while they may be significantly different one from the other, all feature a segmented bony

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The great Pan-Pacific Robot Duel

USA’s MegaBots Inc issued a challenge to Suidobashi Heavy Industry, Japanese robotics manufacturer, to a giant, epic, ROBOT DUEL (hype intensifies).

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A katana-armed industrial robot vs human samurai sword master


Machii Isao is an Iaido master and an expert sword wielder. He holds five Guinness World Records including “fastest 1,000 iaido sword cuts (36 min 4 sec)” and “most iado sword cuts to one mat (8), but you might know him as the real-life “fruit ninja” if you saw some of his stints up on YouTube, including slicing a BB pellet in half as it was fired towards him at 200 mph. It’s a rare sight indeed to see such a massive display of both showmanship and art., for it’s truly inspiring each time we get to see such feats of human awesomeness. But what happens when you pair a worldclass sword master, like Machi Isao, with an industrial robot, like MOTOMAN-MH24. Well, I went bore you with too many details, but suffice to say we’re in for quite the show.

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Amazon holds contest to see who’s the best robot that can replace a warehouse worker

amazon robot warehouse

Over the weekend, Amazon – a company that employs more than 50,000 people in its warehouses alone – organized a contest where engineering teams from all over the world were invited to present a robot that can fulfill simple warehouse duties. Though some of the bots were quite impressive, all of them failed miserably at some point, even at a task so simple as grabbing an item from a shelf and placing it in a tub. It’s not that they couldn’t do this, rather they were so slow and clumsy that any warehouse worker witnessing the display might think he’s a superhero and his job is safer than the pope in the Vatican. Well, that may be true … but who knows for how long. After all, any repetitive task can be automated, eventually.

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Tiny origami bot folds, navigates obstacles, swims, then dissolves. Next: inside your body

origami bot

At the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) conference, a team from MIT, in collaboration wit the Technische Universitat in Germany, presented an incredible origami bot that can perform various complex motor tasks. Weighing only 0.3 grams, the bot can scuttle at about 4 cm/sec to crawl up an arm, carry twice its load, dig through a pile of foam, climb a ramp or push a tiny puck along a planned trajectory. At the end, the researchers demonstrate how the entire bot (apart from its magnet) can be dissolved in acetone. Later on, it’s easy to imagine a similar origami bot traveling through your body where it performs various tasks like deliver a medical payload, diagnose for diseases or even perform surgery. It would be designed to be much smaller and with all its parts dissoalvable inside the human body after a while or when emerged in a certain bodily solution.

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Meet the fastest robot in the world


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has funded a project which promises to become the quickest two-legged robot in the world. Using technology inspired from pogo sticks, the robot could be useful for getting in and out of areas too dangerous for human rescuers.

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Swarm of 1,000 robots self-assemble in complex shapes


In a breakthrough in robotics, researchers have programmed a swarm consisting of a whooping 1,024 members which can assemble in programmable 2-D shapes. The demonstration might provide insights in how natural self-assembling swarms operate, like ants who join up to form bridges for the good of the colony.