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Robot Bartender Serves Hundreds of Drinks at Berlin Party


Robotics has developed tremendously in recent years, and will almost surely continue to do so in the future. We have surgical robots, hotels run by robots, robots that learn, even samurai robots! After all, it makes sense we finally got some bartender robots, right? After MIT showed off its “Beerbots” that bring you beer while you’re on the couch, we have HoLLiE, a robot bartender that did a fantastic job at a party in Berlin, making and serving over 280 cocktails!

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RoboHow: the Wikipedia that teaches robots how to cook

We should have all known the Robot Revolution started when we saw this pancake.
Image via pancakeoftheweek

An European initiative founded in 2012, dubbed RoboHow, comes to take up the challenge of improving the way robots work and interact with humans by creating a database that should help robots learn and share information with each other (even by using actual language), mimicking human learning processes.

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University of California 3D printed fish are the most advanced microbots we built to date

3-D-printed microfish contain functional nanoparticles that enable them to be self-propelled, chemically powered and magnetically steered. The microfish are also capable of sensing  and removing toxins.
Image credits: J. Warner, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.

Nanoengineers from the San Diego University of California used innovative, self-developed 3D printing methods to create multipurpose, fish-shaped microbots – that they call microfish – which can swim around efficiently through liquids, powered by hydrogen peroxide and are magnetically controlled.

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Robots learn to self-replicate and evolve


A robotics team lead by Cambridge University engineer Fumiya Iida have designed a robot that archeologists of the future (they will all be robots) will recognize as the moment the machines started to take over. They built a “mother” device that can create smaller, “baby” robots, and programed it (her?) so that experience obtained building them would be used to improve upon further generations.

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MIT tackling more serious science: they program beer-delivering robots


Massachusetts Institute of Technology ‘s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is on the brink of revolutionizing relaxation with their recent breakthrough: they have programmed two robots that can deliver beverages.

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Weapons shouldn’t be able to decide themselves to end a life – Hawking, Musk, Wozniak sign letter requesting the ban of autonomous weapons and military AI

A photo from the 'Campaign to Stop Killer Robots' which called for a pre-emptive ban on lethal robot weapons in 2013.
Image via

A very large number of scientific and technological luminaries have signed an open letter calling for the world’s governments to ban the development of “offensive autonomous weapons” to prevent a “military AI arms race.”

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A Chinese factory replaced 90% of its employees with robots – production soared soon after

A 2010 photo shows assembly line workers at a Foxconn plant in Shenzhen, a city in southern China. Shifts are 12 hours, with two breaks for meals at a company cafeteria. Robots don't have to eat though or take a break. Hence robots are better.

Evenwin Precision Technology, an electronics processing company, sacked 90% of its employees, replaced them with robots and saw productivity soar. Previously, there were 650 employees at the factory, now there are 60 – mostly engineers and accountants that oversee the production lines – and the number should go down to 20, according to company officials. The robots have produced almost three times as many pieces as were produced before. Quality has also improved. The product defect rate was 25%, now it is below 5%.

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The Jesusbot: robot strides on the surface and jumps on water

robot strider

Taking inspiration from nature, scientists in South Korea hijacked millions of years of evolution and devised their very own robotic version of a water-strider – insects that can jump on water. Their tiny droid mimics the water-strider in both its water balancing acts and jumping on water, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

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Killer AI? Let’s Solve the Smaller Problems First

robot mural

Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk has said that our civilization is dangerously close to encountering AI problems within a “five-year timeframe, 10 years at most.” He made the comment on the website shortly before deleting it. His point was that, sometime soon, we may actually create a form of artificial intelligence that decides to rise up and wipe out the

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Elon Musk Offers Ten Million Dollars to Keep AI Under Control

Elon Musk. Image via Daily Tech.

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Hyperloop, will offer $10 million in grants to fund 37 research projects dedicated to keeping artificial intelligence “beneficial” and “under control”. With the mind blowing explosion of computing and the ever-growing interest in AI, we’re growing closer to the point where we have to ask ourselves whether we’ll still be in control and