Surreal artistic anatomical/botanical collages

It’s not often that we at ZME Science post art. However, every once in a while, we like to indulge ourselves in the finer pleasures of life – especially when we come across something like this! This is truly the most spectacular art I’ve seen in a while. Travis Bedel aka bedelgeuse is a mixed media artist that specializes […]

Using famous paintings to study Earth’s past atmosphere

When it comes to studying the Earth’s atmosphere and pollution, paintings are not really where you usually go to gather information. But team of Greek and German researchers suggest that colors of sunsets painted by famous artists can offer clues about our planet’s past atmosphere. They mainly focused on paintings that depicted ash and gas […]

Scientists model for awesome 2014 pin-up calendar

When you think about calendars, scientists are pretty much the last thing that comes to mind – models, animals, cars, or landscapes usually fill that role. But just for moment picture a climate scientist in a slinky red dress and high heels, brandishing a fire extinguisher as she tries in vain to save the last […]

The mental illness monsters: artist visualizes diseases as mythological creatures

An artist has come up with a very innovative way of making mental illnesses more beatable and rallying the sufferer’s spirit against something tangible: he drew some of the most common conditions as mythological monsters. Toby Allen, a Cornish artist drew anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, paranoia and dissociative […]

Stanford scientists build a ‘brain stethoscope’ to turn seizures into music

“My initial interest was an artistic one at heart, but, surprisingly, we could instantly differentiate seizure activity from non-seizure states with just our ears,” Chafe said. “It was like turning a radio dial from a static-filled station to a clear one.” When Chris Chafe and Josef Parvizi from Stanford University began transforming recordings of brain […]

Mind blowing art inspired by MRIs

Art and science go hand in hand at the Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging. The pieces (clay sculptures, etchings and acrylics) were done by Laura Jacobson, and are inspired by human MRIs. Inspiring herself from a brain scan conducted for a study, Laura made a series of weird, wonderful works – giving a […]

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