Into the schizo-mind: this is what “hearing voices inside your head” sounds like


There are times when our thoughts can be overwhelming, but nothing comes close to what the mentally ill have to go through. The audio below gives you a somewhat accurate glimpse of what the auditory hallucinations schizophrenics have to deal with on a day to day basis. It’s freaky, scary and mind breaking. Warning: if you’re spooked easily, skip.

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We still don’t know which gut bacteria is beneficial, but scientists have some good hints


There’s good bacteria and bad bacteria, but the gut seems to be so diverse in its bacterial offering from person to person that scientists have always found it difficult to say “hey, this is what a healthy microbiome should look like.” Analyzing thousands of bacteria species in your guy is challenging and we’re still not there, but a recent effort involving 4,000 participants has some good hints as to what makes a healthy gut.

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Denmark considers red meat tax to help the planet’s climate


Cutting our meat consumption is crucial for a sustainable future.

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Scientists make the smallest thermometer from programmable DNA


This remarkable research could open the doors for biological thermometers at the nanoscale which might tell us a thing or two about how our bodies function at the smallest level.

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You don’t need a brain to learn, scientists found

Many-headed slime.
Image via flikr user frankenstoen.

A new study from the University of Toulouse found that intelligence and learning aren’t limited to organisms with brains. By studying the mold P. polycephalum they found it can, over time, learn to navigate even irritating environments.

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‘Cool’ light improves learning and academic performance. ‘Yellow light’ better for relaxing

Image: Pixabay

A new research investigated various light intensity scenarios and reported their findings. For optimal learning performance, “cool” light is better while “yellow” or “warm” light is the most relaxing.

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England’s doctors go on first-ever all-out strike after disgraceful government measures


Thousands of junior doctors (the rough equivalent of a resident in the US) walked out of hospitals and emergency wards to protest against borderline inhuman measures implemented by the government. It’s the first time in English history since an all-out strike was carried out. The NHS said “military level” contingency planning had been carried out to protect patient safety during

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Telekinesis sports: the first brain-controlled drone race

drone racing

Last Friday, sixteen students from the University of Florida entered in an unusual competition: a race between drones controlled solely by the participants’ thoughts.

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Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to low birthweight and intensive care

Photo by Flickr user ashton.

Just don’t do it.

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Our best bet at stopping food waste is to be more responsible, not more efficient

Consumer behavior is the main driver of food waste in developed countries.
Image credits U.S. Department of Agriculture / flickr

Humans are throwing away an insane quantity of food, both in the developed and in developing countries. While in the latter case this can be attributed to economic and technological constrains, the former is primarily consumer-driven. And the sum of individual choices adds up to major impacts on a global scale, a new study finds.

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