Gamers outdid scientists and algorithms in a race to figure out a protein’s shape – again

Gamers vs scientists: 2-0.

Swedish scientists plan to edit the genes of healthy human embryos, treading on thin ice

They plan to cut genes out until they learn which are involved in miscarriages.

World leaders pledge to fight drug-resistant bacteria

Meeting at the United Nations, world leaders agreed that we are facing an unprecedented threat from drug-resistant bacteria.

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch’s hearing on EpiPen was a complete disaster for the company

Congress was not happy with Bresch’s or the FDA’s answers.

Where humans went, cats followed — an intertwined destined revealed by novel DNA study

From Egypt’s pyramids to Viking longboats, cat never left our sides since we invented agriculture.

Smoking damages DNA, altering more than 7,000 genes

Smoking is bad for your health, and that includes genes too.

Forget the ‘five-second rule’, it’s so garbage it will make you sick

Don’t kid yourself anymore. You knew all along it was BS but you still ate that toast.

Browse the brain one cell at a time in the most detailed atlas ever made

And the Allen Brain Atlas is free to use. Hurray!

Here’s why your drinking buddies are ruining your liver

When out for drinks, we’re careful not to be the drunkest — beyond that, anything goes.

Teens are convinced to forgo junk food in favor of healthy eating if this means ‘sticking it to the man’

It worked marvelously!