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Nut allergy cured in 80% of children participating in probiotic clinical trial

peanut allergy

Australian scientists have cured nut allergy in 80% of the children taking part in a probiotic clinical trial. These children’s lives how now been transformed forever, with many more – child or adult – to follow soon. Nut allergy is lifelong and the most common cause of death from food anaphylaxis. Peanuts – back on the menu Peanuts are among the

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No two autistic brains are alike – each has unique connections

Image: The networks in your brain. Credit: NIH

For most people, brains are pretty similar – our connections follow the same pattern, and while there are certainly exceptions, you could say that our brains are connected in pretty much the same way. But for autistic people, things are very different. A new study has found that each autistic brain has unique, highly idiosyncratic connections. We’re only starting to

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Blind woman uses eSight glasses to see her baby for the first time


What is it like to see for the first time? Most of us can’t even imagine that, because it happened when we were babies and we can’t recall our first visual memories. But Kathy Bleitz, a Canadian woman, certainly will – for the first time, she was able to see using a new technology called eSight. The first thing she saw was her baby.

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The most obese countries in the world


It’s painfully true by this point that we have a global obesity problem. Over the past 20 years, obesity rates have more than doubled, now including over a billion adults. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now released its global report card on obesity. See what countries are “in red” below:   The first thing you see on this map is

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Stem Cell Treatment Offers Hope for MS Treatment


For the first time, scientists have developed a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that actually reverses the disability. Dr. Richard K. Burt performed the first hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) for a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient in the United States at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and the treatment shows great promise.