Alien cancer: new evidence of interspecies cancer transmission in shellfish

Imagine what it would be like if cancer was contagious. Well, it is in some species.

Men might be less likely to use a condom if their partner is hot

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Zombie genes are turned on even days after an organism dies

Even days after we die, gene expression is still active.

Even a sandwich is enough to sway some doctors to prescribe certain brand medications

A controversial study that’s sure to anger a lot of doctors found many physicians can be influenced to prescribe brand-name medication following free meals offered by the pharmaceutical companies.

At least a third of Brits live with chronic pain

Scientists estimate that 43% of Brits now experience chronic pain or around 28 million people.

‘Holy grail’ of breast cancer prevention in high-risk women may be in sight

This could be a game changer for women.

Physical exercise after learning could improve long-term memory, study finds

Do your learning, take a break, and then work out.