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When following goals, people pay attention to progress more than they do to setbacks

diet goal

Hopes are high this time of year, but before your make your New Year’s resolution you might want to consider an important cognitive bias: when following goals, progress is given a lot more consideration than setbacks. Say your resolution is to lose weight, so next year you’ll be on a diet. Chances have it, according to a study made by University…

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Quadriplegic instructs robot hand to flex, move, rotate or grip objects with her thoughts

The four robot positions: fingers spread, scoop, pinch, and thumb up (credit: Journal of Neural Engineering/IOP Publishing)

The latest in brain-computer interface technology was recently demonstrated after woman with quadriplegia shaped a sophisticated robotic hand with ten degrees of freedom using her thoughts. Through the interface, she instructed the robotic hand to move up, down or sideways, pick up small or big objects and even squeeze them. In just a couple of years, brain-computer interfaces have shown they…

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Holiday season weight gain myth busted – it’s a lot less than most people think

Credit: Trainer Jack

It seems like every year, at least one major TV station cautions us that the average person gains between 7 and 10 pounds during the holiday season and as such we should all be careful. In reality, studies show this is a myth and only one pound is gained on average. …

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Half of all recommendations on Medical Shows on Dr. Oz and the Doctors are non-scientific


Many TV shows (like Dr. Oz and The Doctors) claim to give solid medical advice, based on scientific evidence. But a new study has found that about half of all recommendations given on those TV shows are actually bogus, with either no scientific evidence to back them up, or even worse – being contradicted by scientific evidence. Christina Korownyk, associate…

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“Copper kills everything”: A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital Patients

A copper bedrail can kill germs on contact.
Courtesy of CopperBioHealth

As modern medicine can be quite paradoxical sometimes, checking into a hospital can actually boost your chances of an infection; and if you’re thinking that this only happens in poorer, underdeveloped countries – you’re wrong. No matter where you check in at a hospital, you are vulnerable to infections which have nothing to do with your original problem. Now, a…

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Sparks Literally Fly When the Egg Meets Sperm, Spectacular Images Show

A combined imaging approach was used to identify and characterise zinc-enriched packages in a mouse egg. Image courtesy from Northwestern University.

They say that when two people fall in love, you can see sparks flying. Well, that may or may not be true, but researchers from the US have shown that when sperm meets and egg – sparks definitely fly. Fertilization Fireworks These are the first images captured at the exact moment when a mammal’s egg is fertilized, showing that in response,…

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Pubic hair bacteria could be used to solve rape crimes

bacterial investigation for rape cases

Among evidence analyzed during a rape-related crime investigation, one of the best clues that might incriminate a suspect are pubic hair samples. But because these hairs most often than not are missing their roots, it’s very difficult if not impossible to make a conclusive DNA analysis.  Silvana Tridico, a forensic biologist at Murdoch University in Perth may have a found a…

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Storing info in computers frees up memory in the brain, helping us learn new things better

brain storage

Widespread use of computers is said to make people dumber or more prone to forgetfulness. It’s true, while we’re less inclined to memorize things such as poems or mathematical formulas, this doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. A study made by US psychologists found that when people save information on their computers or phones, this frees up cognitive resources…

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Magazines in Waiting Rooms are Old Because People Steal New Ones, Science Shows


You see them at the dentist, at the vet, the hair salon – the old magazines on the table. Fashion magazines, car magazines, travel magazines, whatever… they all have one thing in common – they’re really old. Why don’t practitioners just put new magazines? A new study has now shown that they really do… but people just steal them. It’s…

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A two-minute delay in cutting the umbilical cord provides health benefits to babies


A new study conducted by Spanish researchers and published in the prestigious journal Pediatrics has revealed that late clamping of the umbilical cord leads to increased anti-oxidant capacity of mature newborns, and the moderation of inflammatory effects in the case of those born from induced labor. In other words, it leads to a better development in their first days of life. Scientists conducted…