First deep-sea mining operation scheduled to start in 2019 — here are the bots that will do it

Whether you agree to the idea or not, the bots sure are awesome.

Peer to your peers for motivation, not your teachers, if you actually want to study

Surprisingly, getting neither isn’t that bad for your results.

Beautifully preserved fossil reveals a new 430-million-year old crustacean species, gets named in honor of Sir Attenborough’s 90th birthday

Sir Attenborough really liked the name.

Organized information may be creativity’s death knell, study found

Sometimes, we need a little chaos to get the cogs turning.

Brain cells which underpin the Pavlovian response identified, and may help cure a host of neurological disorders

Pavlov? The name rings a bell.

This YouTube time-lapse of cellular division in action will have you hitting replay again and again


Beijing shuts down its last coal power plant, replaces with natural gas

A step in the right direction.

If stem cells don’t grow as you want them to, just add a dash of parsley-husk scaffolding

To be fair it works with other plants too, but I was shooting for a culinary title.

Curiosity’s wheel grousers show damage after five years of off-roading on Mars


Deep burial in sub-seafloor sediments seems to ‘freeze’ microorganism evolution