A starter guide to constellations

You’ll never know what’s written in the stars for you if you can’t read them.

Tomorrow, NASA will announce major “discovery beyond the solar system” during press conference

It’s press only, but NASA made sure everyone can follow the talks and even get a question in.

New study could topple our beliefs about the origins of handedness

We all have our preferred hand — but why?

Georgia State’s computer warning system leaves no student behind on graduation

By helping faculty members identify at-risk students, GSU has boosted its graduation rates by 22%

China set to take the lead in supercomputers with ridiculously powerful ‘exascale’ machine slated for 2018

Welcome to the exascale.

First artwork to be made in space is now orbiting above all our heads

“A laugh star floating in space, above all our heads, is my attempt to create a contemporary metaphor for the hanging ‘Sword of Damocles,’ a reminder that the beauty of human life is so fragile.”

The first ever supernova-in-progress seen shows we don’t quite yet understand them

A really lucky find.

UAE unveils plans for new city on Mars, to be built in 2117

It’s a pretty pretty city, too.

Taxing junk food and subsidizing healthy items will make us live longer and save billions in the health system

That’s 500,000 extra years of healthy life and more than AUD 3 billion in costs for Australia’s current population.

Startled bees let out an adorable ‘whoop’ when a hive-mate bumps into them

They do it a lot.