World’s first blue chrysanthemums are lab-engineered but look really pretty

More like GMawwww’s.

A lost race of hominids left their legacy in the saliva of Sub-Saharan populations

Unlikely discoveries hide in unlikely places.

Neolithic cattle farmers were much more specialized than you’d think

They weren’t simple savages.

World’s first smiley face found, painted 3,700 years ago on a jug in Turkey


The United States slides towards measles epidemics (again) because people don’t vaccinate

Non-medical exemptions and widespread misinformation are to blame.

The Grand Finale: NASA plans to see Cassini off with a trail of fire as it crashes into Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft will get a burial place fit for such a long-trekked explorer: Saturn.

US Senate says White House’s proposed DOE budget cuts are “short-sighted,” increases funding instead


Bubble physics can explain why dialects appear and how they evolve

It’s a bubble-eats-bubble world out there.

DARPA awards $65 million to make CRISPR safer, more efficient

Money well spent!

Researchers will drill into one of Earth’s youngest islands to understand how land forms

It’s not even at retirement age yet.

Blogger submits glaringly fake ‘Midichlorian’ paper to nine journals, three publish it for free, fourth asks for cash

May the odds forever be in your favor, researchers.

First operational laser weapon set to safeguard US ships from menacing drones

Blowing stuff up at the speed of light.

Pangolin poaching is driving the species extinct, despite international trade ban

Please stop.

Plant-like robot can grow 250 times its length, manipulate objects, form complex shapes


France’s import of brainpower will likely make it a nexus of climate science

Make the planet great again!

Boiling-acid-proof virus’ outer shell structure could inspire better medication, sturdier buildings

Not bad for such a small thing.

Second gene-silencing mechanism found, could lead to viable clones and safer in vitro

It’s gotta be pretty important if it has a back-up system in place.

A single ‘letter’ difference in their DNA made some whales huge, others sleek and predatory

That’s one really dramatic typo.

Bamboo sharks really have to put their back into eating — literally

Specifically, they put their shoulders into it.

Otzi’s copper axe offers hints of ‘extensive trade networks’ in Italy 5,300 years ago

This would make it one of the earliest organized trade networks in the area.