Prolonged exposure to Los Angeles Bay air induces dangerous mutations in the brains of rats

Inflammation and cancer-related gene expression was overcharged by exposure to particulate matter in city air.

Excessive use of dental fixture cream leaves UK man without use of his legs

Always use drugs as per instructions!

Sparks Literally Fly When the Egg Meets Sperm, Spectacular Images Show

They say that when two people fall in love, you can see sparks flying. Well, that may or may not be true, but researchers from the US have shown that when sperm meets and egg – sparks definitely fly. Fertilization Fireworks These are the first images captured at the exact moment when a mammal’s egg is fertilized, showing that in response,

Researchers find parasitic wasp using zinc-enriched needle to lay eggs in fruits

OK, wasps are nothing to joke around with. They are the scumbags of the animal kingdom – they’re always up to no good. The thing is, they’re really good at being up to no good! After all, they used to grow in dinosaur feces, and they’ve been around for over 100 million years – more than many popular dinosaurs (yes,