Scientists heal wounds without scarring

Researchers found a way to heal wounds without scarring via insertion of hair follicles into the wound.

Newly developed surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds

It could save countless lives.

XSTAT 30 syringe can plug a gunshot wound in 20 seconds flat

Gunshot wounds are really dangerous, messy things, and much more numerous than you’d think. In an attempt to reduce mortality and improve treatment options the FDA has approved a military medical device, created specifically to treat someone who has just suffered a gunshot or other penetrating wound, for non-military use.

Tilapia Fish May Help Cure Our Wounds in the Future

Scientists believe that collagen extracted from fish (especially tilapia) can be applied as a “wound dressing”, to help clean the wound and accelerate healing.

New Paint-on, See-through bandage Emits Phosphorescent Glow for Healing Below

An interdisciplinary  team of researchers has created a paint-on, see-through, “smart” bandage that glows to indicate a wound’s tissue oxygenation concentration. Oxygenation plays a crucial role in healing, so mapping it in severe wounds and burns can help to significantly improve the success of surgeries to restore limbs and physical functions. “Information about tissue oxygenation is clinically relevant but is often