All two-year-olds seem to sound pretty much the same to adults

“What I’d like to say to parents is that with exposure it does get easier over time,” says one of the paper’s authors.

Your voice will always sound funny when talking to someone you think is your superior

Hear how unthreatening I am!

Deep male voices might have evolved to intimidate other males, not attract females

A deep, low pitch voice is often sought after in a man, but a new study suggests this characteristic might have evolved to intimidate other males, not attract females.

Are you the only one who “hears” what you read? Science says no!

A new paper from New York University researchers suggests that most people do hear an internal voice while they’re reading. The insights from this analysis lend some support to theories that say auditory hallucinations are inner voices that are incorrectly identified as not belonging to the self. So when you read something do you “hear” the words in your head,

Scientists can make your voice sound happier or sadder

Researchers have developed a digital audio platform that can modify the tone of the people who are talking.

Why does your voice sound so different when recorded

Why you can never hear your own, real voice without assistance (recording yourself) has to do with how sound reaches your inner ear. Basically, your inner ear picks up acoustic vibrations like the chirping of birds, rattle of the city or people’s voices and translates these vibrations into electrical signals that the brain can process as “sound”. The inner ear, however, also picks up vibrations conducted by the bones in your neck and head. This combination of internal and external vibrations produces an uniquely characteristic voice which you won’t ever be able to hear elsewhere!

A Position of Power alters the Voice in a Way that transmits Who’s in Charge to Others

Inspired by Margaret Thatcher’s formidable political skills, researchers in the US sought to understand how a position of power changes a person’s voice, and how this in turn affects their relation with other people. Indeed, being in power alters the acoustic properties of the voice and those tuning in can pick up cues that tell them who’s really in charge.